Keswick Village Tree Removal

On Tuesday January 29th Abington Township Public Works removed the pine tree from the traffic circle on Keswick Avenue.  Some local businesses had requested Abington Police Traffic Safety review the traffic circle for safety concerns in regards to the yield sign.  ATPD Traffic Safety Manager determined that the tree must be removed in accordance with Pa. Vehicle Code 6112 because the tree blocked pedestrians and motorists in the circle.  The tree was schedule to be replanted but in s statement from Officer Freed “Unfortunately the roots grew around some of the infrastructure in the circle and they began to do damage when lifting the tree out. It was then decided that the safest avenue would be to cut it down.” 

In the spring the Keswick Village Business Association will work with community organizations to help beautify the traffic circle landscaping.  “This will not impact Christmastime In The Village 2019 and the KVBA may return to an older tradition, but more details will come later in the year”, according to Chris Heffernan KVBA President.